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Who We Are

The Most Unique Old-School Experience

We are an economy based Old-School Private Server, making it a great home to PvM, Skill or participate in PvP. Filled with loads of customised content providing a never seen before Unique Old-School Experience.

Community Suggestions

Updates and new features get polled and suggested by the community, meaning if you have a fun idea you can get other players to back you up and we will add it into the game!

Custom Ranks

New Ranks have been added into the game, which can be unlocked in various ways through Skilling, Coins, or being an active player.

Custom Content Ideas

We have never seen before content ideas including new bosses, minigames, skilling methods, quests and many more things to come!

Custom Interfaces

Using the Player Panel in-game, you will encounter menu's and interfaces only found on our Server. We were not kidding when we said this will be your Most Unique Old-School experience.

Active Players
Registered Players

We need you

Get in touch and let's build a great community together.

Here you can visit our discord channel, also please remember to vote for us to attract new players!

Contact Us

Contact staff in-game or discord
for the fastest response.
You can also reach us at staff@runerealm.org

How To Play

You only need two things:

If you need more assistance join our discord.